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5 Steps to a Standout Essay

Our research-based, five-class writing curriculum teaches students to compose a winning college essaywith virtual, live instruction from college essay experts.

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extra guidance to help put words on the page, included with classes at no extra charge

Our virtual, hour-long workshops provide students with expert guidance and a variety of writing strategies to help overcome writer’s block, anxiety, and procrastination.

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Submit your essay online to receive apersonalized video response from an expertwriting instructor along with detailedcomments providedwithin a Google Doc.

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5 Steps to a Standout Essay

Our research-based, five-class system is proven to help students compose winning essays. Plus, studies show that students who engage in this type of instruction score higher in all academic areas.

Each session is one hour.

1: Discover Your Ideal Topic

Finding a unique and engaging essay topic can feel like an overwhelming first step.

In this session, our proven creative strategies guide students to uncover their ideal topic designed to satisfy a CommonApp prompt.

Every student ends our first class with a gripping, ready-to-write topic.

2: Essay Drafting Strategies

Many students struggle to put words on the page in a productive way.

In this session, students learn the same drafting strategies used by published authors. These techniques free students to develop a solid first draft without being bogged down by grammar, mechanics, and structure.We’ll be sure to fine tune those elements in later steps.

Students leave this session with a strong first draft, ready to be developed into a winning essay.

3: Infusing Storytelling Elements

An engaging college essay needs to tell a story that compels the admissions officer to really lean in and get to know the student.

In this session, students learn to infuse their first drafts with compelling story elements and structure. We provide active learning experiences that illustrate these age-old storytelling strategies, making them accessible and effective for students.

Students complete this session with an elevated essay designed to leave a storytelling-empowered impression on admissions officers.

4: Powerful Hooks & Endings

An essay truly stands out when it immediately hooks the reader—and ends with a powerful and satisfying conclusion.

In this session, students learn to make a strong first impression in the beginning of their essay. Then they learn how to formulate a memorable closing that stays with the reader.

Students complete this class with an opener and ending designed to help their essay stick in readers’ minds.

5: The Final Polish: Words & Mechanics

It’s critical that a student’s essay presents their own clear voice. This is how the admissions officer gets to know students on a more personal level.

In this session, students learn meaningful strategies that help simplify intimidating writing mechanics including spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, abbreviations, and active phrasing. Students also learn how to pick and choose more effective words in order to better communicate their ideas.

Students end our time together with a polished, ready-to-submit essay designed to stand out from the crowd!

A college acceptance letter is just one essay away.

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